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OLCC Service Permit for OREGON

OLCC Alcohol Service Permit FAQ

How to get your OLCC Alcohol Service Permit?

1. Complete an OLCC approved Alcohol Server Education training course, like the one offered here at orAlcoholServers.com
2. Set Up your OLCC account Profile Click Here & Upload your Record of Course Completion
3. Take and Pass you OLCC administered Final Exam
4. Submit your Online Service Permit Application
5. Pay the OLCC's Application Fee & Print a Copy of your Temporary OLCC Alcohol Service Permit

Who needs to acquire OLCC Alcohol Service Permit?

Oregon law requires all Alcohol Servers and Managers to acquire an OLCC Service Permit. This includes completing your ASE training with an apporved provider, like orAlcoholServers.com, as well as registering an online account with the OLCC to submit your application and take the final exam.

Links for the OLCC Application

OLCC Account Setup:
Click Here

Click Here

OLCC Portal User Guide
Click Here

How old do you have to be to be a bartender?

Bartenders or those who mix alcohol must be 21 years old.

How old must you be to serve alcohol?

Alcohol servers must be 18 years old.

Any Special Deals?

Portland State University students Click Here