Serving alcohol to a visibly intoxicated person (VIP) is against the law. If you can tell on sight that a person has been drinking or using other drugs, the person is visibly intoxicated. Servers are not expected to know a customer’s blood alcohol content (BAC) as determined by a blood, breath, or urine test, but they are required to recognize visible intoxication.

Here are some common signs of visible intoxication. These are not all of the possible signs. If a person shows just one or two of these signs that does not necessarily mean the person is intoxicated. But if a person shows a combination of several signs, or has a sudden change in behavior, that could be a strong indication that the person is intoxicated. Remember that intoxication can result from the use of drugs other than alcohol. If you're not sure, don't serve.

1. Bloodshot, glassy, or watery eyes
2. Flushed face
3. Droopy eyelids
4. Blank stare or dazed look
5. Twitching or body tremors
6. Disheveled clothing


7. Thick, slurred speech
8. Loud, noisy speech
9. Speaking loudly, then quietly
10. Rambling train of thought
11. Unusually fast or slow talking
12. Slow response to questions or comments
13. Repetitive statements
14. Bravado, boasting
15. Making irrational statements attitude
16. Annoying other guests and employees
17. Argumentative
18. Aggressive or belligerent
19. Obnoxious or mean
20. Inappropriate sexual advances
21. Overly friendly to other guests or employees
22. Boisterous

23. Swaying, staggering, or stumbling
24. Unable to sit straight
25. Careless with money
26. Difficulty making change
27. Restless
28. Depressed or sullen
29. Crying or moody
30. Extreme or sudden change in behavior
31. Overly animated or entertaining
32. Crude, inappropriate speech orgestures
33. Drowsiness or falling asleep
34. Lack of focus and eye contact
35. Difficulty standing up
36. Unusual walk
37. Can't find mouth with glass
38. Falling down or falling off of chair
39. Difficulty lighting cigarettes
40. Lighting more than one cigarette
41. Clumsy
42. Difficulty remembering
43. Spilling drinks
44. Disoriented
45. Agitated, anxious
46. Grinding teeth
47. Vomiting

48. Odor of alcohol, marijuana or chemicals
49. Excessive perspiration
50. Repeated trips to rest room or outside area