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The Alcohol Service Education course is 7 chapters in length and takes approximately 2.5 hours to complete. It includes videos, case scenarios, and end of chapter quizzes.

You can start the course and come back at a later time to complete it if needed. Just save your progress before exiting by clicking on the black X in the lower left

The goal of the orAlcoholServer course is to provide liquor licensees and service permittees with an understanding of the following:

  • Chapter 1: What is Responsible Alcohol Service?
  • Chapter 2: Alcohol the Drug and How it Effects the Body
  • Chapter 3: Identifying Minors and Checking ID
  • Chapter 4: Recognizing the Signs of a Visibly Intoxicated Person
  • Chapter 5: Intervention Techniques
  • Chapter 6: Liability and Drinking Laws
  • Chapter 7: Retail Liquor Laws

Print / Download

Once you have completed the course, eAlcoholServers will submit your record of completion to the OLCC.

You must complete the course before you can print your record of completion.

Next Steps for OLCC Permit

Beginning May 2018, all alcohol service permit applications and final exams will be administered/ submitted through the OLCC's Service Permit Portal

Next Steps

  • Step 1) Create an OLCC Account
  • Step 2) Submit your Service Permit Application Online
  • Step 3) Upload your Record of Course Completion to your OLCC Account
  • Step 4) Take the Alcohol Server Permit Test
  • Step 5) Pay the OLCC's Application Fee